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Movement Matters Studio is the first and the only studio that offers both Somatic & Expressive Movement Therapies under one roof. Located in serene & lush environs in the heart of the city, Studio Movement Matters is a space with artistic inspiration and natural beauty that supports and blends with the various Somatic & Expressive Movement therapies that are offered here. We are just a stone’s throw away from a metro station too. We have dedicated area for individual sessions to allow peaceful and focused interventions. Ample space to hold a group event for a team of 15-20 participants. We also have a beautiful lawn to conduct outdoor events that blends with the touch of nature.

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Signature Offerings

Emotional Intelligence

Start of team building

A monthly Retainer Model for
small/large teams

Unwind the mind

A decision precision workshop

Tighter teams,
Lighter hearts

Specially curated sessions to impart Emotional Intelligence

Movement Intelligence


A 30-minute body mind movement capsule to unwind

Posture Baithak

A pioneering program on Movement Intelligence

What is Somatic and Expressive Movement Therapy?

Somatic therapy is a form of body-centred therapy that looks at the connection of mind and body and uses both psychotherapy and physical therapies for holistic healing.

Why haven't I heard about Somatic & Expressive Movement Therapy (SEMT) before?

In India, Expressive Movement Therapy is a nascent field in the segment of alternative therapies. Expressive movement therapists training requires knowledge of not only of the mental part of human body but also his mental and emotional systems. Medical sciences has recognised the value of movement and creative arts as a therapeutic mental intervention Currently, there is no accredited centre in NCR/Delhi, providing such an holistic integrated treatment facility. Ours is the pioneer therapy centre in NCR/Delhi. We find that the vast majority of our clients come from referrals from previous clients, who themselves have experienced the benefit and inspire others to come for treatment.

What is the difference between movement therapy and other alternative therapies?

Whereas other conventional alternative therapy has limited scope with focus only on physical male alignment issues. The movement matters also called Expressive Movement Therapy (EMT) is a holistic intervention, for healing mental, physical, emotional, and cognitive issues by diagnosing and addressing the root cause of the problem, thereby providing long term healing effect to obviate its recurrence.
It is unique integrated, holistic participatory intervention, in collaboration with psychologists which differentiates from other therapies.

The modalities and medium of Expressive therapy intervention is through application of art and craft e.g. music, dance, drama, paintings, poetry, creative writings, conducted in very informal settings, according to client centric needs, convenience and preferences.These participatory tools and techniques encourage the clients to express their suppressed feelings and emotions (when words are not enough) via these tools. To create balance in the whole body all systems of human machine need to be addressed in a logical and ordered way. so that it works more efficiently. The intervention not only improves circulation, tension is relieved, and there is m relaxation – as well as improved range of motion, increased flexibility and energy, and ease of movement. Because your body has changed and nagging patterns are gone, these benefits last and don’t need to be addressed.

What takes place during treatment sessions?

The sessions are performed in a sequential manner, so each session is based on the work of the previous sessions with multiple goals to treat a client-

  • Reduce or eliminate physical pain, address mental and emotional issues that causing to seek treatment.

  • Address the underlying root cause(s) of chronic pains, anxiety depression and stress related disorders.

  • Enhance overall body performance, and stability of movements.

After each session the degree of changes and improvement is monitored since the previous session to adopt client need based modality which works more effective.

(Client’s soft tissue (myofacia) changes by application of low and gentle pressure to specific areas and levels. On tense areas, it might be uncomfortable, at first but pain ,will change into a sense of
relaxation and calm with the release, subsequently resulting more relaxed, and feel really good)